Weldan's range of non-RF machines:

1A) The so-called "Hugo"-machine is a manual pedal/pneumatic operated machine. The standard Hugo is a on-the-floor lab- machine designed for test welding of all kinds of thermoplastic materials using our NWS-system which is a combination of constant heat and impulse heat. 

1B) There is a special version - called "Super Hugo" - equipped with double impulse-system. This version is designed for welding-in round tubes or bungs called "Cleopatras" into one urostomy pouch at a time.

1C) There is an even more special version - made to customers specs - it is called a super-duper Hugo. Please see photo below. This machine will weld two bungs or tubes at a time. The welding electrodes are water cooled.

2) Tray shuttle machine type NWS-200S.

3) Automatic in-line machines using our NWS-system for medical products (fx. Stoma pouches).

4) Our HS-series with heated upper and lower platens for welding PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials. 

There are 2 different HS-series:

4A) The standard HS-50M/100M with pneumatic press and step-motor driven index, foil blocking unit and stripping unit.

4B) The new HS-50M - built up using aluminum profiles, with servo-driven welding press (?), index and with stripping unit.

Universal Thermoplastic ON-The-Floor welder type "Hugo":
This manual foot-pedal/pneumatic boost machine.


This is a photo of the front on the super-duper Hugo - welding two bungs or tubes at a time - all made according to customers specs.

20191030111604_00002-kopiudsnitjpgWeldan's PP-AUTOMATIC type HS-50M is second to none when it comes to fast and flexible production of all kinds of folders, pockets, calendards, etc. made from PP, PE, thin PVC and other thermoplastic films.

The machine is built up in modules and the machine shown above consists of the following integrated units:

1.   Rollerstand with table pplate to splice foil-ends together,
2.   Inlet module with de-reeling and space for hole punch, slitting knife, etc.
3.   Combined welding station and cooling module.
4.   Punching station on an XY-axis.
5.   Hot stamp/heat cut unit.
6.   Index unit, step-motor driven.
7.   Take-off unit.