All Weldan automatic and semi-automatic in-line machines are designed specially to suit the customers individual product requirements.
We can offer machines for both type medical bags and pouches: Either for Urine bags or for stoma pouches.

This first photo shows a machine for the semi-automatic production of urine bags. The bags are with NRV and a lot of other features. The machine can be designed and equipped according to your specifications.


The photo below shows one of our first semi-automatic machine for stoma pouches. 3 operators were needed to run this machine.


On todays machines no operators are needed - just a controller to monitor the production through the machine, fill up the magazines and change the foil rollers after the automatic splejsing has taken place.


The above machine (8 meter long) has now been tested and approved and packed for transportation to the customer. It is a "Faily simple" machine making the pouches 1-up. 3 operators are needed to run the machine - one for the wafer or 2-piece, one for the filters and finally one at the end of the machine to remove and pack the finished pouches. Production is about 10 pouches per minute.

Todays fully automatic 2-up machines for the production of stoma pouches can be built up according to your specifications including pouches with up to 9 layers.

The pouches shown below can all be made on our machines.

And all pouches can be marked according to new European requirements with Left/Right pouch, production time and date.





A US-customer bought two of the below shown machine. It can produce self-adhesive CD-pockets with several cuts and crease-lines.