Latest news: Presently we are building two rather big - customer specified -  machines - both for stoma pouches.
1) An 8 meter long machine for stoma pouches 1-up. It is semi-automatic and has to be operated by 3 operators.
2) An 18 meter long machine for stoma pouches 2-up and with "All the bells and whistles".
When these machine are ready, we will make videos, so potential customers can see what WELDAN is capable of today.


Over the years we have manufactured more than 100 tarpaulin welders type P2500-42 as shown on the photo above. They all have been working well for years with the oscillator valve T1000-1.  But this valve is no longer available. To solve this problem we can offer to rebuild the osc. circuit to a ceramic osc. valve. This valve is a "stronger" valve which will give the machines several years more to live in. 

The same rebuild can be performed on our older generators type P 3000 (not older than 1974...).

Please inquire.

From time to time we get an old tarpaulin welder of the above mentioned type. Such a machine gets a complete renewal consisting of the afore mentioned update of the osc. but we can also renew the press and control system - all according to agreement.

We have in stock a second hand P2500-55L. It is fully up to date with ceramic osc. valve and equipment for pre-heated electrode holders.
Please see photo below.
SORRY, this machine has just been sold. We are preparing for another one.