In 2020 we build two rather big, customer specified, machines - both for stoma pouches.
1. An 8 meter long machine for stoma pouches 1-up. It is semi-automatic and has to be operated by 3 operators.
2. An 18 meter long machine for stoma pouches 2-up, state of the art.
Videos are available.


Over the years we have manufactured more than 100 tarpaulin welders type P2500-42 as shown on the photo above. They all have been working well for years with the oscillator valve T1000-1.  But this valve is no longer available. To solve this problem we can offer to rebuild the osc. circuit to a ceramic osc. valve. This valve is a stronger valve, which will give the machines several more years of life. 

The same rebuild can be performed on our older generators type P3000 (not older than 1974).

Please inquire.

This machine is sold. 

The control box

The control box for the refurbished tarpaulin welder is completely new. The machine is equipped with our safety equipment which allows you to take the foot away from the air-pedal once the welding electrode is standing on the materials to be welded. The press goes up after expire of the cooling time.

Second hand P3500-55L

Front view

This machine is almost like new. It has an integrated safety system assuring welding pressure is not applied until the press is closed. It is equipped with a ceramic osc. 

Left panel

Left panel gives full control of RF-power as well as welding time and temperature on the pre-heated electrode holder.

Right panel

Right panel gives full control of welding pressure. There is a pneumatic switch which shuts off pressure during set up of new tool.