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Weldan’s range of non-HF machines

The NWS Series which use the NWS (New Weldan System) combining thermo-contact and impulse methods for welding most thermoplastics like PVC, PP, PE, etc.

  • Pedal-Pneumatic “Hugo” machines as well as special version for tube after-welding.
  • NWS-200S tray shuttle machines.
  • NWS-200M PAP AUTO.
  • In-line Automatics which use the NWS (New Weldan System) for special medical and stationery products.

The HS-series

with upper and lower heated platens for PP, PE and other thermoplastic materials, in-line automatics with all functions as with HF machines. There are 2 different HS-series:

The standard HS-50M/100M with pneumatic press and step-motor driven index and stripping unit. The new HS-50 aluminium frame version with servo-driven welding press, index and stripping unit. The control system for this machine is based on HMI/Touch Screen and DeviceNet bus system.

Universal Thermoplastic Welder Type “Hugo”

This manual foot-pedal/pneumatic boost machine uses the Weldan NWS-system (New Weldan System), which has been specially developed for sealing the widest possible range of thermoplastic materials. The press has an aluminium base plate of 800 x 500 mm. The foot pedal/toggle operation first closes the press, then the pneumatic pressure – up to 480 kg – is automatically applied. Tool daylight is adjustable by moving the press column.

The machine can be fitted with a straight bar for laboratory & trial weldings of materials plus small-scale production runs. In a special version “Tube Hugo” this machine can – with the addition of special tools – be used for the fast and secure welding of tubes, taps and similar components into medical bags and other products.

Weldan automatic tray machine type NWS-200S

The NWS-200S 2-tray machine uses the thermal NWS – New Weldan System – for welding polyolefines (PP, PE), PVC and other thermoplastics. The machine is equipped with double automatic trays which are secured against collision by the electric control system. The speed of the trays going into the press is steplessly adjustable and at the end of the cycle the trays return at full speed. Table size is 800 x 525mm (work area 750 x 475mm). The press is of a very stable construction with a heavy pneumatic cylinder in the middle. There are two columns guided by four no-grease bushes and there are four depth-of-sink controls with a 1/10 mm graduation to allow very accurate setting of the bottom position. The press gives a very fine welding impression due to the fact that the trays are lowered and lifted by built-in cylinders.

There is a self-contained cooling station for the 30 mm thick lower welding support plate, and both trays are equipped with 6 heating systems individually adjustable for very accurate temperature control. For very high quality PP binders a vacuum product-flattening device and a jig locating system for easier board placing can be supplied.


NWS-200M PAP AUTO PP-ringbinder automatic for fully automatic production of PP-binders with a clear pocket on front and spine (View-/Panorama binder).

Also available in a HF-version – P 8000-100M PAP AUTO, for same type of binders in PVC.

Weldan PP-Automatic type HS-50M/100M

Weldan’s PP-auto is second to none when it comes to fast and flexible production of all kinds of folders, pockets, calendars etc. made from PP, PE, thin PVC and other thermoplastic films.

The machine emplois 3 different systems:

  1. The Tear-seal method, similar to HF welding where there is a combined welding and tearing line in the electrode.
  2. The Weld/punch system, where the item is first welded in the welding press and then punched out in a separate high pressure press using standard steel knives.
  3. The Topper-system, where only the upper welding electrode is heated and the welding takes place against a layer of silicone rubber. The system is used for example for the production of self-adhesive products.

The machine is built up in modules and the machine shown consists of the folIowing integrated units:

  1. Roller stand with table plate to splice foil-ends together.
  2. Inlet module with de-reeling and room for hole punch, slitting knifes, etc.
  3. Weld-cool module.
  4. Punch station on XY-axis.
  5. Hot stamp/heat cut unit.
  6. Step-motor index.
  7. Take-off unit.

The HS-50M is particulary recommended where enviromental and plasticiser-free considerations predominate – for example for photographic, medicai and disposable products. Both straight-line and curved shapes can be produced, and very strong welds result from the unique principles developed by Weldan. Thick-to-thin films, and more than two layers of film can be welded.

The pneumatic welding press is of bridge construction giving very stable welding. The welding takes place on a continuous barrier, which – combined with a very accurate step-motor indexing system – gives a first class product.

The punch is placed on an XY-axis by which the punch can be adjusted in the X and Y directions and also in the horizontal plane. The punch is hydro-pneumatically operated, giving a cutting pressure of more than 6 tons.

The hot stamp unit can work as a hot foil blocking press with 2 colours as well as a heat cutting station.

The automatic take-off and stripping unit removes the waste from the welded items and drops them on to an automatically moving conveyor belt in predetermined numbers, ready for packing.

The control system of the machine is based on a PLC where the programme is stored on an EE-PROM which secures the programme even under no-voltage conditions.

The new HS-50 Aluminium Frame Version