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Special Machines for Medical Care Products

Weldan, engineering pioneers of HF and Thermal plastics welding and processing techniques, have developed an impressive world-wide range of machines for medical care products. These include disposable & re-usable colostomy and ileostomy, wound drainage systems, etc.

All these automatic machines are designed to meet the individual customer’s specific product requirements and are based on an extremely accurate indexing system using a chain drive with grippers to transport the materials. This allows precise positioning & welding of added tubes, valves, fittings; as well as bag printing, perimeter- and hole-punching – plus stripping and scrap removal at the end of the process.

Special made machine for producing drainage bags

This custom-made machine produces a complex design of drainage bag at a rate of about ten a minute.

At the right of the picture is the reel stand and the associated de-reeling and guiding of the main bag materials.

Next is a non-return-valve system feeding two narrow film rolls, an automatic vibrating feeder for the pre-assembled central part, and the first NRV welding is done by a solid state 600W HF-welder. This assembly is then ‘after-welded’ for strength using a NWS unit (the New Weldan System is a low frequency pulsed method) and at the next station a ventilator tube is fed in automatically.

The top bag film is printed by a hot-stamp machine, and then enters the main pneumatic press to be welded by an 8kW HF generator.

The two parts are then ‘after welded’ to achieve maximum strength by a NWS unit, and the finished bag is then punched out and transported to a delivery conveyor.

The bag materials are indexed by a very accurate chain-gripper system, and a touch screen controls all machine functions. The PLC has a Device-Net bus-system.

All Weldan Automatic In-line Machines are designed specifically to suit the customer’s individual product requirements.

Special made machine for producing colostomy pouches

A typical in-line machine for making 2-up medical colostomy pouches and similar products. Adjustable width chain-gripper material index system, with individual modules for hole cutting, heat welding, added components, cooling, printing, 90 degree unit for adding films down-line, NWS bag profile welding, outline punching. Automatic stripping, counting and delivery of finished products can be fitted if preferred.. The component feeding stations can be operated manually or automatically at extra cost. The NWS system produces high quality, flat pouches and most thermoplastic films and laminates can be used.

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