All Weldan automatic and semi-automatic in-line machines are designed specially to suit the customers individual product requirements.
We can offer machines for both type medical bags and pouches: Either for Urine bags or for stoma pouches.

This first photo shows a machine for the semi-automatic production of urine bags. The bags are with NRV and a lot of other features. The machine can be designed and equipped according to your specifications.


The photo below shows one of our first semi-automatic machine for stoma pouches. 3 operators were needed to run this machine.


On todays machines no operators are needed - just a controller to monitor the production through the machine, fill up the magazines and change the foil rollers after the automatic splejsing has taken place.

Todays fully automatic 2-up machines for the production of stoma pouches can be built up according to your specifications including pouches with up to 9 layers.

The pouches shown below can be made on our machines.

And all pouches can be marked according to new European requirements with Left/Right pouch, production time and date.





A US-customer bought two of the below shown machine. It can produce self-adhesive CD-pockets with several cuts and crease-lines.